History of David Michael of London - Hair Salon in White Rock

The History of David Michael of London, Hair Salon in White Rock comes from a long generation of professional hair stylists.

David and Michael are two brothers of which the hair salon gets its namesake. Both brothers followed their parents into hairdressing at the age of 15. We are proud to say that our family have been in the hairdressing industry for over 90 years, to be exact 1919 is the year it all started. December 1996 David Michael Hair Care was sold, the last of our four London salons to go, the first opened in 1927 by my Grandfather, the late Arthur Gadeke.

The opening of David Michael of London, Professional Hair Salon in White Rock is extremely exciting for Roger & his wife Valerie Gadeke who have continued Arthur’s legacy on for forty years or so, if David continues working until he’s 55 then BAM! That’s 100 years in business!

What this all means to you the client, is close to 100 years of knowledge, methods, techniques and otherwise forgotten know how all under one roof! In Arthur’s working time he did both ladies and men’s hair. Initially he trained as a Barber back when Barbers were Barbers! Roger and Valerie were lucky to be working in London’s fast moving West End during the Swinging Sixties. This mentioned brings the knowledge and know how of styles much sort after but the how to do forgotten! Luckily for David and Michael their whole life has been privy to this wealth of knowledge, undisclosed to most.

Taking the above into account, why would you not want to go to David Michael of London, Hair Salon in White Rock?