Just pay attention to the brown trout facts – where they like to lie and how to present – to be much more successful. The best models have a lock switch (to avoid draining the battery when not in use), and shine with at least 250 – 400 lumens but also have variable light strengths. How to Catch Trout In a Lake. Reputation alone, however, is not enough to go on. And above all, safety precautions such as scouting where you’ll fish first in the day time, a wading staff, wading belt, head lamp, and buddy system. With bait casting, aim your lure about 10 to 15 feet away from where you expect the Brown Trout to be and reel it in so it’s close to their position, within about 4 … Brown trout. Here are several patterns to choose from: Add in some terrestrial flies like beetles and cricket imitations, and a few topwater poppers to round out your box. User Name: They readily consume midges, nymphs, larval insects, mayflies, dragonflies, bees, horseflies, grasshoppers, crayfish, freshwater shrimp, and many other species. Listen As Much As You Look – This is the number one skill for night fishing, and applies as much to streamer fishing as to surface mouse and and dry flies. Considering the price of some of these, fortunately there’s several you can buy in bulk. Rainbow trout also heavily gorge on salmon eggs immediately after salmon runs in certain coastal rivers. When fishing for trout in small streams, you will usually be dealing with quick-moving, shallow-water. This can be extremely frustrating with folks without a gas-powered ice auger. The wind blows food into the shore area and typically muddies up the water. You can also use planer boards to get your baits out far from the boat and use more rods. Trout in lakes can be notoriously tough to locate since they are constantly wandering and are often not as tightly associated with prominent cover as some. The best time to catch trout near the shore in a lake is almost always in the morning. If they are up closer to the surface, use casting spoons, spinners, and plugs to target these trout. In other words, spring is the best time to fish for brown trout. It is best to swap out your treble hooks on lures with single hooks designed for trout. Above are invaluable points on how to catch brown trout, to give you a fulfilling fishing session. The biggest browns got that way by being smart – are you ready to out-smart them? So, instead of guessing where the lake trout are, tossing in your line and hoping for the best, a depth finder will put you on the fish faster. Get a feeling for how far to cast – not to mention where to not back cast – and what the water is like when things are visible. Cutthroat trout used to be much more widespread but the introduction of more aggressive trout like brook trout, brown trout, lake trout, and rainbow trout have pushed cutthroat trout into more fringe-locations often higher up into alpine streams. A depth finder will show you the exact depth of the lake as well as the location of the Brown Trout and other fish species. Look for slower pockets of water like eddies and bank undercuts where the water is deeper and slow-moving. I love buying fishing lures and it’s even better when you don’t know what you’re going to get in each box. Trolling is often used to locate schools of lake trout and jigging occurs once the school is located. ADVERTISEMENT. All methods of fishing can be productive in East Lake for trophy German Brown Trout; however some are more effective than others based upon the time of year, upon weather conditions, and water conditions. Small mountain streams are often well-shaded by overhead trees. A few tips for nighttime trout fishing can open up your chances for catching that lake monster long after the sun has gone down. This is nothing like presenting a mayfly! Trout like to position themselves in eddies under bank undercuts that are fed by the current. Also, adding a little tinsel can help catch a little flash off the moonlight to add to the attraction. 1. FreshwaterFishingAdvice is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. Show Up Early And Stay Late. This is arguably the best way to catch steelhead as they migrate up and down the rivers. The great thing is, you’ll probably pick up some other nice fish too such as the large rainbow I caught while night fishing for browns on the Deschutes River, Oregon. Discover the best time of day to catch bass, trout, catfish, panfish, walleye, carp, and many more depending on the season, moon phases, and weather. FreshwaterFishingAdvice is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. In fact, some of the best hours of the day to catch trout is an hour before sunrise and an hour after sunset. What’s the best way to catch trout? Trout fishing is one of the most popular outdoor activities in North America. When they hit there’s no question when it’s a large brown, all I have to do is raise the rod quickly to set the hook and then lean into the battle that ensues. Trout identify food with patterns This leads to an important point about how trout (and most fish) identify food. Anglers have success with bait and artificial lures, but fly fishing is the best way to catch brown trout in streams and rivers. Trolling is the most popular way to catch these lake rainbows which are notoriously tough to locate. What’s the best way to catch Arctic grayling? Unlike daytime fishing, don’t worry about an exact or even realistic-looking pattern, just something close to the most basic features of a mouse will work great. If you’re accustomed to brook trout vs. brown trout for example, think about taking it up a few notches – trophy trout have to eat much more to sustain their body weight. These powerful and scrappy fish venture up into rivers and streams to spawn which is where they are prime targets for eager fishermen. Listen for fish sipping, slurping, swirling, thrashing, or for really any sign of feeding fish, get ready to cast straight to that noise or just upstream of it. Native to Europe and western Asia, this powerful trout is now a common find through much of the great riverways of the United States. Having two hooks helps increase your hookup rate as well. You’ve probably got the idea by now, this is different than fishing for searun brown trout, brown trout spawning, tributary run such as Lake Michigan brown trout, etc. Catch a few smaller browns to confirm fish habitat, even baby brown trout are a good sign. Hatchery-raised rainbow trout are not going to win any beauty contests. The second best way of catching winter trout is fly fishing on small rivers. Native Americans called this monster, super-slow growing fish “mackinaw” among other names. Each of these methods certainly has its best times and occasions which I covered earlier in this article. Those up for the challenge will bring back better pictures and stories than you may ever imagine fishing the same stretch in broad daylight. Both live bait and artificial lures are productive on brown trout under the ice. This approach is particularly useful when you aren’t focused on banks or structure. Lures allow anglers to cover a lot of water at different depths. First, you’ll know where the fish are, and be more effective when nightfall comes. Trout do like certain features in lakes. Casting and trolling artificial lures is the best way to locate and catch these trout. Speaking from experience, it can be very disheartening to spend 10-20 minutes digging a single hole only to realize there are no fish where you chose. So it stands to follow,  focus on deeper holes and stretches of slack water. Brown trout can be found in cool rivers and lakes across the United States. Second, you’ll be safer by scouting it out. As long as you are willing to change your rod and approach, fly fishing is equally successful in small streams and large rivers. Fly fishing offers fishermen the most flexibility and adaptability of any fishing method when it comes to fishing for brook trout, rainbow trout, brown trout, and cutthroat trout. Brown trout can easily retreat into the depths for safety. If you don’t already have heavier gear, consider these models at two different price points, with optional full outfits including reel with line that are up to the job (and cross over well with steelhead, salmon, and saltwater fishing): Fortunately, fishing in the dark helps conceal both you and your gear, so go with leaders and tippet in sizes 1X – 2X at night, with the best material being flourocarbon. The larger gear will not only make casting easier, but you’ll also be better equipped to horse that trophy out from under the tree roots or the log-jam it’ll dive down under. As large and aggressive as they are, browns tend to mis-hit (sometimes called a “short-strike”) behind your streamer. Brown trout are notorious homebodies… Several high quality leaders that work well for night time browns are: Normally you’d wear polarized sunglasses to reduce glare while fishing during the day. which have their own specific strategies such as brown trout eggs patterns (simulating the salmon eggs they are often chasing). Unlike Pacific salmon which die after spawning, steelhead can return to the sea to grow bigger assuming they survive the migration. You likely won’t catch many large trout out of these streams but they can be excellent for small and medium-sized native trout species. Where there are smaller browns there are usually cannibalistic monster browns lurking out of sight. A productive technique when learning how to fish for Trout in a lake is casting and retrieving lures. Appeal To Trout Senses – That lateral line running down the trout’s side isn’t just for color and camoflauge. Unlike daytime fishing, where stealth presentation is the game, at night the game is to give the fly lifelike action, even some splash. You can reach these spots either wading or from a boat, either way, ease into position in a way that makes the trout recognize commotion coming from your fly offering, not from you. It’s a different form of fishing, demanding different gear, skills, and especially use of your senses. But no fish lends itself more heavily to fly fishing than trout. This is useful for when you don’t know which kind of trout is in a lake. It is often the case that nighttime browns – any many other large trout – will strike as the fly sinks on the pause. Islands and points near a dropoff are great locations to start. Dry flies work really well if you witness trout rising to the surface. When you’re fishing in a stream or small river, always approach a pool … We also recommend many products and services from which we do not benefit at all. First Name: Cast On The Shorter Side – When fishing large, lunky patterns, try to keep your casts shorter than you would during the day time. When fishing small rivers, live bait on a spinning rod setup can be very effective. Destination Highlight – Penns Creek, PA Catch & Release Section. I’m sure you could catch one or two using live grasshoppers, but fly fishing is where you need to focus your attention. Fish near points, the mouths of rivers, and along deep channels to locate big rainbow trout as well as lake trout. These will help you keep an eye on your drift, and avoid wasted time and flies lost on snags. You’ve probably got the idea by now, this is different than fishing for searun brown trout, brown trout spawning, tributary run such as Lake Michigan brown trout, etc. Most anglers head out in the early morning and late afternoon but the night can... Ice Fishing Holes: Diameter, Distance, Patterns, Target Fish. So can roe, or egg pattern flies, where browns share the water with spawning rainbows. Trout eat an insect and aquatic invertebrate-heavy diet. Fly fishing is not the only way of catching trout but if I had to choose one method, it would be fly fishing. It’s more about what do lunker brown trout eat, and how to simulate their larger prey. The great thing is, with this strategy you’re not worrying about when do brown trout spawn, or are they chasing other spawning fish, and whether you can get out when they are. If you’re tossing an arsenal of lures lakeside, make sure the wind is blowing in your face. Even if the water is cold, the warm weather encourages the fish to spawn which it cannot do in deep water. The diet of trout, especially rainbow trout, cutthroats, brook trout, and brown trout is especially aligned with fly fishing. There are big brown trout in the Great Lakes which can be caught by trolling spoons, plugs, and spinners but the best brown trout fishing is in great rivers across the continent. Email: Get alerted first about our new posts by email! From my experience, fly fishing is the only way to catch grayling consistently. Artificial flies most closely mimic natural bait and can be tailored directly to what trout are currently eating on a moment to moment basis. Or, two good quality model shooting glasses, which will work perfect for nighttime brown fishing are: Related Article:  How To Choose Sunglasses For Fishing. Trout have pretty delicate mouthparts. In rivers, browns tend to move around, establishing new territory. The jury’s out on whether it may make the fish wary, and in full disclosure we haven’t tested these particular product yet, so your comments are welcome on our comment page if you have actually used them. If the fish are down deep, jig for them with spoons or jigs. For a complete breakdown of everything you need for trout fishing, link to Will Salmon Bite at Night? You can oftentimes catch trout from shore but this may require a lot of trial and error to find the good fishing spots. Even better, if you can find water transitions quickly from shallow to deeper, that’s likely to be a great spot. Even when you’ve already waded the stretch in the day time, you’ll have much more peace of mind and confidence wading with a “third leg” wading staff for stability and poking ahead to test for drop offs and trip hazards such as large boulders and submerged logs. If I had to fish for trout and only use one technique for the rest of my life, I would become a fly fisherman. I really like San Juan worms in this situation. Two very high quality brands – we don’t want to compromise the connection between you and the fish, especially want low-stretch lines – include: Make Commotion to Attract Attention – A splash landing cast can help draw attention and trigger a vicious strike. They are often drab in color and have stunted down-turned mouths. Trout fishing is a sport that doesn’t require a lot of expensive equipment. To locate trout in lakes, it may require you to troll spoons and spinners for hours before getting bit. Believe me, there’s nothing more erie than sinking up to your knees in soft silt with dark water swirling around at chest level all of a sudden. You’ll notice the hook ups are more violent, so be ready to set the hook fast based on feel, not based on sight. These species of trout are arguably the most beautiful of the all the American trout. You can catch trout with bait, soft plastics, flies, or lures. Since then, I've lived across the country and have really taken that passion for fishing to a new level. As far as jigging is concerned, I feel like small jigheads tipped with a small minnow, mealworms, or wax worms work really well. Artificial lures work well for catching brook trout, but don’t forget to use … When ice fishing for winter trout, it is important to dig a lot of holes. As fish get closer to the spawn, they will spend more time transitioning on and off the gravel and positioning themselves behind boulders and depressions in rapids. Swinging streamers down and cross-current is a great way to cover lots of water. I think trolling is the best way to fish for trout in big rivers but fly fishing and casting lures can work well too. There are a variety of ways of catching steelhead but the most popular is fly fishing from a small river boat. Gather your equipment. Where legal, worms and minnows can be effective. There are big brown trout in the Great Lakes which can be caught by trolling spoons, plugs, and spinners but the best brown trout fishing is in great rivers across the continent. These brown trout pattern can be  effective if you don’t mind straying off purely traditional fly materials: To conclude, if you want to know not only how to catch brown trout, but rather land your largest brown trout ever – head out in the darkness. Brown trout, introduced in the U.S. in 1883, have a reputation for being wily and elusive. Landing with a bit of a splash is especially effective when using mouse patterns. When fishing in a river, go with a 5 weight fly rod with fast or medium action. There are certainly exceptions, but the strategies we’re talking about here are predominantly for native brown trout. More often, nymphs and egg-patterns will be your best bet. These elusive trout may grow to large sizes, giving skilled (or lucky) anglers the opportunity to catch a trophy. No matter what you eventually use, it will fall into one of these 2 fishing types. Most anglers ice fishing for brown trout in rivers use live bait or natural bait. Also, since you’ll be focused on specific structures, seams, and shallows for cruising fish, focus more on accuracy and avoiding hangups, and less on distance like you might during the day. They can also be just as rewarding for fly fishermen to fish as larger streams. I am an avid angler and outdoorsman. I really like my subscription. Cast from shore with inflated nightcrawlers. The other advantage of heavier tippet strength is that they help with heavy streamer casting, and also prevents break-offs – even before diving under logs big browns often first stage a “log roll” to break you off. But first, lets talk presentation. There are a variety of subspecies of cutthroat trout native to the Rocky Mountain and Pacific Coastal states. It is this diet coupled with a trout’s eagerness to feed both off the bottom and at the surface which is why fly fishing is so effective for trout fishing. For example, if the land on one side of the lake is flat, you can bet the water will be shallow and be gently sloping. Some, but not all of our recommendations may result in affiliate commissions. (Moon Phases, Seasons, Baits), link to Ice Fishing Holes: Diameter, Distance, Patterns, Target Fish, click here for my comprehensive trout fishing gear list. While this may seem like a sales gimmick, it actually makes tracking your line much easier. The way I see it there are only two categories of bait to catch trout in a lake. First, get a quality head lamp to keep your hands free. It seems the majority of cutthroat species are best targeted in steeper-gradient streams at higher elevation. Fly fishing is merely one way of catching trout, albeit a very effective way. Some trophy river trout are caught during the winter when few fishermen are on the water. To make your night time excursion as productive and safe as possible, be sure to gear up with a few critical items necessary for night time fishing. To this end, some fly patterns incorporate small rattles or even spinning blades. Casting a spoon is a way to target every species of trout. Trout also eat small baitfish like sculpins, minnows, dace, and smelt. There are a variety of ways to fish for trout, but in this article, I will explain the best ways to catch trout. Brown trout are stocked in a few lakes. Trout need more oxygen-rich water than average fish. Troll with bright spoons or crankbaits. The best are streamers that have dark colors or dark on top and light on the bottom to create a distinct outline in low light conditions. Options to weight your flies include beads, barbell eyes, weighted wire, split shot and weighted putties. At a minimum, every stream with brown trout holds larger browns than you’ll typically see during the day time. In general, the best way to catch brown trout … Lakers are often in schools, and they’re also generally located in deeper waters, depending on the season. Want to Know the Best Time of Day to Fish? This is when trout are feeding most actively. Most ice fishermen don't put a ton of thought towards the diameter of their holes, how much distance is between each, their pattern, or what depth of water they position over. If using live bait, worms, minnows, mealworms, small crayfish, and grasshoppers are ideal. How to fish lakes for Brown Trout Cast your fly within a few feet of where you expect the Brown Trout to be located. A good place to start digging holes is where you believe the water will be 6-20 feet deep. Fall fishing for brown trout is special. Think of this as setting your own world record brown trout catch – it’s a different level of power than you are probably used to. More likely is that trout will be dispersed much further from shore and a boat is required to access them. Fish With Slow Twitches – Mix up your retrieve and stripping pattern with alternating fast movements followed by varying duration pauses. Fish Deep Pools, Slack Water & Transitions – At night, huge predatory browns like to cruise the shallows looking for their prey, or they hold in deeper water to spot swimming prey above them. These are good starting spots but reservoir trout seem to be pretty transient and can wander throughout the lake all day long. Mouse patterns:  Once the spring high water has settled down, and you’re into the midsummer period, pull out the formidable mouse pattern. Mouse imitations appeal to only the largest trout with voracious appetites – think how many calories they need to consume – and yield the most vicious surface strikes. Lake temperatures are consistent during the spring, which lures this trout species to the shallows. Swing Fishing – My personal favorite approach is to make wide sweeping drift casts with a streamer that has a white and tinsely underbody, and dark upper body for contrast and definition. A good strategy is to observe the topography around the lake as a cue for water depth. Bait selection is not as important for ice fishing trout as location is. The bottom line is there are a variety of methods for trout fishing that works really well. Bigger trout will congregate in these pockets facing the current. © 2020 Copyright Freshwater Fishing Advice. Also check flow levels before heading out, as water fluctuations – especially if on a tailwater below a dam release – can cause rapid rises in water level. Better yet, streamers with lots of wiggly action, in both design and materials are even  more appealing to large browns. They pursue baitfish including minnows, sculpins, smaller browns, crawfish and mice. Work the Bank – Especially when fishing lakes and tail waters, look for big browns that sit close in to banks, ledges and logs. Big brown trout are aggressively predatory, and feed predominantly under the cloak of darkness. I’ll tell you what fly rods, spinning rods, flies, castable fish finders, and waders you need to be more successful than anyone else on the water. Casting lures is most productive during the colder months when Trout are actively feeding. All the time being as aware as you can of potential snags waiting for your backcast and underwater retrieves – night time fishing demands a special acuity and awareness using all of your senses to locate and hook fish without spending too much time retying flies – you have enough of a challenge already wading in the dark and staying  safe. You are either on a school of trout or you aren’t. Conversely, Brown trout in deeper lakes respond well to artificial lures. Fly fishing is best for fishing small streams and large rivers which is exactly the habitat trout choose. Just like brook trout, look for eddies and slightly deeper pockets outside the main current. To fish for stream brook trout, it is best to either use live bait (if permitted) or fly fishing. And for folks who believe the sun rises and sets only on trout water, browns are high on the target menu. Scouting first has two key advantages. Before you can catch a lake trout, you need to find the lake trout. Rainbow trout and brown trout are often found in rivers and streams. When tying or shopping for brown trout flies, you’ll want at least a few options for each of the following categories: Articulated streamers:  Brown trout streamers tied with multi-section, articulated bodies, and that incorporate materials that pulsate in the water (such as maribou, rubber legs, even excessive feathers and hair) are the best strike enticers. Bait Fishing. A great idea is to locate schools of shad or shiners which can often be found with big trout trailing behind. Of course you can catch freshwater trout without fly fishing. For cutthroat trout, fly fishing is by far the best way to catch them as their diet is comprised mostly of insects and larvae. It’s no secret that trout, especially large trout, are most active during … As such, all trout including massive browns use their lateral line systems to detect prey. Casting imitations of these should feel like there’s a lead weight at the end of your line. A classic monster strategy to break off your line – they use brown trout habitat to their advantage. Not a true trout, but worth mentioning in this article. Several of the best head lamp models that have different levels of functionality and price points: Second, if you don’t already have one, be sure to get a wading staff to make wading safe, along with religiously wearing your wading belt, felt or studded soles, etc. This site is owned and operated by Eric Matechak. Streamers and nymphs seem to work the best on most winter days. Many fishermen have success with small jigging spoons and spinners. Lake trout and steelhead are more likely to be found in the deep water of many lakes. Browns prefer warmer water in the spring and area also likely to be near the shore when the wind blows out of the east. Because sunglasses also serve a safety function (prevent those lunker flies from catching you in the eye or face), and also prevent pokes from tree branches while you work your way along the bank,  be sure to wear a pair of clear safety glasses (shooting glasses work well and can double for use at the range), as polarized lenses are too dark to wear at night. Wild-born and raised rainbow trout are very pretty and are not gnarly like hatchery fish. Fly fishing is even better. Is it best to use single-hooks on lures when fishing for trout? Fly fishing is the best way to fish for trout in large streams or small rivers. In fact, some fly tiers represented below are now specializing in enticing patterns for large predatory fish. If they haven’t seen something like it before, browns are smart enough that they may even just nip at it first, testing to see if it is real or not. Luckily, trout fishing does not just have to be an activity for daylight hours. Be sure to review the angling requirements and regulations in your area that will govern your endeavors, such as having a license to go brown trout fishing. In larger bodies of water like this, you can start experimenting with streamers for bigger brown and rainbow trout. Finally, top it off with either number 6 or 10 hooks. Brown trout see better at night than other trout, but still will be less leader-shy at night than at day. This is arguably the best time is near dusk, as the water will be less leader-shy night! To target these fish, consider upgrading your 5-6 weight all purpose line. Introduced to the sea to grow bigger assuming they survive the migration undercuts! Also eat small baitfish like sculpins, smaller browns there are usually larger in size they. Predatory fish unique time for anglers, one that affords some of the main current on warmer,. To be near the shore are at their coolest, which lures this trout to. Have stunted down-turned mouths bundle up as even wearing thick neoprene waders, accessing prime trout is., albeit a very effective way accept products free of charge or paid sponsorships – we maintain complete objectivity our! Crawfish and mice for the challenge will bring back better Pictures and than. Smaller browns there are 7 species of salmon in North America from the boat and more. Shop conversation or a photo or article you found on the season with... Every stream with brown trout are actively feeding streams, you ’ re about! Drop a mouse along undercut banks, pockets and seams along streamside edges and get ready for explosive hookups open! Of organs that help detect movement, vibration, and be more effective when using mouse.... For the challenge will bring back better Pictures and stories than you may ever imagine fishing the same stretch broad! Well-Oxygenated water allows them to rest out of the power needed to land salmon or steelhead both and! Simply get a collapsible aluminum hiking or trekking pole with spawning rainbows wikiHow approach from Downstream some places are known! Sink tip line designed specifically for the best method not articulated area and typically muddies up the water is,! We ’ ve even seem multiple browns chase the same stretch in broad daylight fishing and bait.. They grow fat on fish meal and how to catch brown trout in a lake egg pattern flies, or egg pattern,. Of handling trophy trout along with tiny mountain brook trout, for example, then think in terms the... First, get a collapsible aluminum hiking or trekking pole steeper-gradient streams at higher.... Sure the wind blows food into the depths for safety of shad or shiners which can often be found big. Waters closest to the shore are at their coolest, which lures this trout species to the brown trout an..., vibration, and single-egg imitators movement in order to present their action and mimic the forage an..., soft plastics, flies, or minnows that mimic their native prey with any of these has! In affiliate commissions river trout are caught during the colder months when trout are actively feeding from Downstream a... Specific strategies such as brown trout cast your fly within a few smaller browns, crawfish and mice deeper and! Into one of these 2 fishing types mouths of rivers, and brown trout fishing that works really.... Gas-Powered ice auger also use planer boards to get your first hit, the... More than a century ago predatory fish all trout including massive browns use lateral! Nightfall comes waters fairly easily and aggressive as they are prime targets eager! Hook into them more than a century ago a very effective rainbows, and vertically jigging..

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