Spread the word for our slow loris 'Tickling is Torture' campaign. Slow lorises are nocturnal strepsirrhine primates in the genus Nycticebus that live in the rainforests of South and Southeast Asia. With their bright saucer eyes, button noses and plump, fuzzy bodies, slow lorises — a group of small, nocturnal Asian primates — resemble adorable, living … NOTE: some books are very old, some are newer, they are all VERY different (size, But now it has emerged that the slow loris cannot bear to be tickled. See more ideas about slow loris, loris, cute animals. Their closest relative is the African bushbabies. [25] Its popularity has swelled due to popular YouTube videos showing them being tickled. Slow lorises raise their arms overhead both as a defensive posture and to gain quick licking access to oil glands near their armpits. Please, visit his channel. Why? Though, it is said that these animals use their canines for biting, another contention is that these animals use their smaller incisors for the same. It may sound like a joke, but tickling is a legitimate torture method that, in the most extreme cases, can even result in death. Tickle! Without an understanding of the behaviour and physiology of slow lorises, it is easy to assume that these slow loris pets are happy and enjoying being tickled and eating rice balls. The slow loris is a small furry forest baby with big anime eyes, teddy bear ears, and hairy little people hands. "The slow loris has become a popular but illegal pet, mostly in Japan, but also in the United States. Another, of a loris holding a cocktail umbrella, has been viewed more … Search, discover and share your favorite Slow Loris GIFs. Have you seen a video where a slow loris—a small, cute, big-eyed primate from Asian rainforests—gets tickled? It can be used to abuse, dominate, harass, humiliate, or interrogate an individual, so it is a serious thing. Multiple versions of the video … According to IAR, the demand for slow lorises is closely tied to several popular viral videos that show slow lorises living in people's homes and, in some cases, being "tickled" - which makes the little animals raise their arms over their heads as if they're enjoying it. slow loris 4468 GIFs. We rescue old books and rejuvenate them as clever and unique art just for you. The group launched the project in response to a video of a “pole-dancing” slow loris that appeared online in March, IAR marketing executive Phily Kennington told HuffPost. That was a good video. Tickle!. They employ crypsis, which is the ability to avoid being detected by other animals and predators. Featuring our 'Tickling is Torture' logo on a white cotton T'shirt. UPDATE: http://www.youtube.com/DmitrySergeyev - the owner of this video. The video features an overweight female, named Sonya, kept as a pet in a Russian flat being ‘tickled’ on a bed in a brightly-lit room. Tweet , ddi] Oh my god I was sticking my feet out the window and this biker tickled ml/ foot I' m Lys/ IIN/ dfi). Maaan, I wish someone tickled my foot so hard I'd die too. Unfortunately, the truth behind the videos isn't as cute. The slow loris is one of the rarest primates. Tickle! Her name is Sonya and she loves tickle. A video of a slow loris being tickled has gotten 6.5 million views on YouTube. Our fascination with all things cute and fluffy has led to a growing demand in the exotic pet trade – obviously, not helped with home videos made viral of a slow loris being tickled – and also an exploitation in the tourism industry of slow lorises being used as a cute photo prop. [10]" - Sorry I should have pointed out where in the article it is stated. The different Slow Loris species are as follows: greater, pygmy, Philippine, Kayan River, Bengal, Bornean, Mangka, and Javan Slow Loris. We're not exaggerating here: tickling is bloody torturous. The tickling is actually torture for this nocturnal primate. The Slow Loris is a group of Lorises in the taxonomic genus Nycticebus.They are closely related to their sister genus Loris, the Slender Lorises.Scientists believe there are eight different species of Slow Loris. The slow loris' intricate defense system is four-fold. A Slow Loris asks for tickles, printed over a lovingly upcycled book art page. Two of the most popular are 'Slow loris loves being tickled' and 'Slow loris eating a riceball'.. Women's Sizes: S M L XL (Please note that ladies sizes come up quite small so it may be best to go for one size larger than you normally would.) We had a look at the cutest tickles that were caught on camera! After videos of slow lorises being tickled and fed rice balls in captivity swept the Internet, the wide-eyed animals shot to viral fame. The video showing a slow loris being tickled has had over five million views. One claim they make however is that tickling is torture for slow lorises, something that they do not seem to explain or back up anywhere as far as I was able to find, yet it is even the name of the campaign. Tickling them is torture. Not only are they illegal to … Men's Sizes: S M L XL. There are many videos and images of slow lorises being kept as pets circulating on the internet. UPDATE: Find out more about this slow loris here: www.youtube**** More cute videos www.cutebreak**** As cute as the slow loris is, it is considered an endangered species and not really suitable as a pet. It is difficult to know the history of its evolution because there are very few fossils and the studies … The Slow Loris is in heaven when it gets a tickle or a good combing, and we are too! The video of a slow loris raising its arms as it is tickled by its owner has been shared on YouTube more than five million times. The main tickling footage cited in the campaign video is entitled “Slow loris loves getting tickled” and has been viewed nearly 6 million times. Our book art prints are as smart and unique as you are. Sort: Relevant Newest # slow loris # sad # eyes # googly eyes # slow loris # hungry # eating # nom # slow loris # food # animals # eating # slow loris ... # tom hanks # mash up # tickle Slow Loris Loves Getting Tickled. Loris poaching is a savage black market that informed, compassionate consumers want no part of—no matter how adorable the little animals are! ... A video featuring a loris with it’s arms raised as it’s being tickled popularized the animal as a pet. . That's a … Apparently, the arms raised stance, while adorable, is a sign of distress. When we have seen the videos of the Slow Loris, we are often confronted with the image of a small primate raising its arms as it's tickled. It wants to kill. Photo courtesy of: International Animal Rescue. But, as it turns out, the loris isn’t tickled to be there. Slow lorises may be slow, but they can travel around 8 kilometers in one night. The first loris video to go viral, posted online in 2009, shows a female named Sonya being tickled … Mar 8, 2015 - Explore Ana Reichenbach's board "Slow loris" on Pinterest. In most cases, slow loris bites cause severe pain and swelling. The Dodo serves up emotionally and visually compelling, highly sharable animal-related stories and videos to help make caring about animals a viral cause. The campaign Tickling is Torture by international animal rescue campaigns against people keeping slow lorises as pets (for very good reasons). Before it bites, a slow loris will raise its arms above its head in order to mix its saliva with venom secreted from its underarm glands. Pulling slow loris teeth out. Indeed, tickling isn't inherently fun. Remember that viral video of the person tickling the slow loris’s sides, and the slow loris raising its arms above its head and looking very satisfied? The big brown eyes and soft fur of the slow loris make it look cute and cuddly in the eyes of a public. Uploaded first in 2009, a video of the pygmy slow loris N. pygmaeus went ‘viral,’ becoming an internet sensation. It's at the bottom under conservation. Because the animal's reaction - in human eyes - looks like he is enjoying it: It raises its arms above its head as though it was fun. And lorises … Slow Loris Gets a Tickle and a Comb. So, even if you have a slow loris with canines removed, there are chances of sustaining toxic bites. The best GIFs are on GIPHY. A separate version of the video refers to the animal as Sonya, “the tickler lover”. Animals Lebanon and Monkey World worked tirelessly to save the young loris and prepare it for its move to the Dorset Rescue Centre, where it will join four adult slow loris, Bu, Bruce, Nicki and Axl. Slow lorises are the only venomous primate in the world, and their bite can kill a human. Slow lorises are one of the cutest primates on earth, a fact that has driven the poor animal close to extinction thanks to both careless and ruthlessly cruel humans. Videos and images of slow lorises being “tickled” have gone viral: their large eyes peering out, tiny arms raised overhead.

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