David Gadeke – Professional Hairdresser, David Michael of London

In 2007 my wife and I came to Canada looking for a better life for our young son Harry. White Rock was one of our first visited towns and quickly became our chosen home, no need to tell you why!

I have been a working Professional Hairdresser since 1986, 10 years of this was spent running my own salon in London before coming to Canada. Prior my own salon I ran my parents salon for 5 years and before this I worked my way around London’s busy West End. Being privileged to have 2 parents that worked as young stylist in London during the Swinging Sixties I gained skills often overlooked in today’s modern fastrack training methods. It was with these skills and the knowledge picked up working alongside some of the greatest names in the industry that took me to the stage in London’s Wembley Arena for the 1994 Hair Olympics. I had a brief spell at leading a young team of up and coming hairdressers into the world the runway/catwalk hairstyling. The demands this type of hairdressing puts on a person I chose to leave it behind and concentrate on opening my own salon and starting a family.

My areas of expertise are most aspects of hairdressing as I was also a licensed educator for the government in the UK passing out young stylist with their trade certificates. If asked to pick my favourites I would have to say that creative colouring and cutting are my true passion.