Roger Gadeke – Professional Hairdresser

Roger Gadeke

A diamond in the rough, that’s Roger.

Born shortly after WWII in London’s heavily bombed East End Roger found himself following his late Brother into the families Tonsorial trade. Arthur ( Rogers Father) taught him all a Father can teach a son then sent him on his merry way to hone his new found skills. From here Roger took himself to London’s buzzing West End, where he worked in a array of high end salons catering to London’s rich & famous. It was around this time that Vidal Sassoon had burst onto the scene and his classic angles and sharp lines were the most common requests heard from a stylist chair. Roger quickly perfected the masters work and had people lining up to sit in his chair.

1971 was the opening of Rogers first professional-hairdresser salon in his home town of Hackney Wick where he worked alongside his wife Valerie (who he met whilst working his way around London) for many years.

1981 saw the birth of salon number three in the family line up, this salon was closed in 1996 due to road development.

1996 came salon number four. Rogers youngest son David was the figure head of  salon number four and on the front line from a day to day basis, Roger still held a major role in the business’s success until it was sold in 2006

2012 saw the opening of DMoL in White Rock BC. Much in the same way as salon number four Roger is involved on a daily basis with the salon, again with David

on the front line. Roger and Valerie are both in the shadows should they be needed.

Currently Roger’s is hard at it making plans for the future development of DMoL as a salon, with possible opportunities for an unpaid training program for underprivileged families. Roger has a wealth of knowledge when it industry that has served him well over the years and feels it time to give back!